Introducing MAGTECH Plywood and MAGTECH OSB for all of your non combustible sheathing needs.

MagTechTM Plywood

Chemically treated pressure impregnated plywood has been the staple in fire retardant sheathings for decades. It has served the public well and still does today. But up until now there have not been any practical alternative non combustible plywood products available. That has now changed.

MagTech fire retardant plywood utilizes a new, patent pending technology to achieve superior performance in flame spread, smoke development and heat resistance, without the use of chemical treatments or a vacuum pressure process.

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While fire retardant plywood has been around for decades, attempts to develop fire retardant OSB have been much more recent.

Original attempts to produce non combustible OSB centered around various spray-applied chemical coatings. These coatings have had challenges in addressing issues of durability on the job site, as well as in addressing certain flame spread and smoke development criteria.

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MagTech Plywood

MagTech OSB