Introducing MAGTECHTM OSB for all of your non combustible sheathing needs.

Overview of the Flameproof Companies

Founded in 1991, with locations in Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Fort Worth, Texas, the Flameproof Companies (CFP) have become an established and innovative presence in fire retardant lumber and plywood products.

While the company remains committed to the traditional vacuum impregnation method of chemically treating fire retardant lumber and plywood, we have also endeavored to develop innovative new fire retardant technologies.

The MagTechTM fire retardant OSB and plywood process truly breaks new ground in fire retardant panel technology. By incorporating –– through lamination –– a thin panel of reinforced magnesium oxide onto either one or both sides of OSB or plywood panels, the Flameproof Companies have raised the bar for both flameproof and structural properties of fire retardant panels.

The enhanced physical properties of MagTechTM fire retardant panels give architects, engineers and owners a “step up,” a premium product choice where none has previously existed.

Vastly better dimensional stability, greater structural performance, along with flame spread ratings much improved over conventional fire retardant panels, are now available by specifying and using MagTechTM panel products. These patent pending products are sure to be recognized as a significant progression in fire retardant panel products.

MagTechTM products are available for shipment throughout the United States and Canada. 

Innovative new technology in non combustible sheathing

MagTechTM products use a patent pending technology of adhering a thin layer of magnesium oxide to the face of the wood sheathing (plywood or OSB) through a high-pressure lamination process. The layer of magnesium oxide, both environmentally friendly and one of the most commonly occurring minerals on earth, produces superior fire retardant performance (Class A flame spread = 0). It can be used in various sheathing applications. In addition, the lamination of the magnesium oxide onto the face of the wood sheathing omits the need for chemically impregnating or treating the wood sheathing with a spray-on chemical coating. The mitigation of required fire retardation chemicals improves the eco-friendliness of the product in addition to eliminating strength reductions in the wood that is required when using chemically treated wood due to the elimination of VOC off-gas.

In this environmentally sensitive age, MagTechTM rises to the challenge of providing an eco-friendly volatile organic compound (VOC) free product that exceeds the competition in fire resistance (flame spread and smoke development per ASTM E-84), strength (per ASTM E72-80), impact resistance, and resistance to the elements. In addition, based on structural load tests performed, it is determined that a thinner wood sheathing section with the high pressurized laminated MgO can be used in place of standard fire retardant thickness wood sheathing to save on weight and take greater advantage of usable surface area in a structure. MagTechTM products are a more efficient and superior performing choice for architects, engineers, contractors, specification writers, building code officials, and building owners.