Introducing MAGTECHTM OSB for all of your non combustible sheathing needs.

MagTechTM OSB 

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While fire retardant plywood has been around for decades, attempts to develop fire retardant OSB have been much more recent.

Original attempts to produce non combustible OSB centered around various spray-applied chemical coatings. These coatings have had challenges in addressing issues of durability on the job site, as well as in addressing certain flame spread and smoke development criteria.

Within the last few years spray application of magnesium oxide to OSB has offered a viable solution to the shortcomings of spray-applied fire retardant chemicals.

MagTech Fire Retardant OSB incorporates the benefits of magnesium oxide through high-pressure lamination, as opposed to spray application. This technology yields incredible fire retardant performance with flame spread of 0 and smoke development of 5, as measured via ASTM E-84 testing method and thus easily achieves Class A status.

MagTech Fire Retardant OSB can be specified with magnesium oxide laminated on either one or both faces of the OSB sheathing. When specified with two faces, MagTech OSB can be utilized as the exterior sheathing in a 2-hour rated wall assembly, as determined by ASTM E-119.

In addition, based on structural load tests performed, it is determined that a thinner wood sheathing section with the high pressurized laminated MgO can be used in place of standard fire retardant thickness wood sheathing to save on weight and take greater advantage of usable surface area in a structure. MagTechTM products are a more efficient and superior performing choice for architects, engineers, contractors, specification writers, building code officials, and building owners.   

We invite your inquiries so that the many benefits of MagTech Fire Retardant OSB can be explained and demonstrated. The Flameproof Companies are manufacturing and distributing these products throughout North America, and welcome your inquiries.