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MagTechTM Plywood 

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Chemically treated pressure impregnated plywood has been the staple in fire retardant sheathings for decades. It has served the public well and still does today. But up until now there have not been any practical alternative non combustible plywood products available. That has now changed.

MagTech fire retardant plywood utilizes a new, patent pending technology to achieve superior performance in flame spread, smoke development and heat resistance, without the use of chemical treatments or a vacuum pressure process.

By incorporating a thin layer of magnesium oxide applied to the plywood via high pressure lamination, MagTech plywood achieves ASTM E-84 Class A status, with a flame spread of 0 and a smoke development of 0. These results totally reset the bar for performance metrics of fire retardant plywood.

Additionally, MagTech fire retardant plywood can be used as an exterior sheathing material in certain wall assemblies requiring a 2-hour rating as measured by ASTM E-119, where other fire retardant plywood products can not. This is due to the inherently superior heat resistant properties of magnesium oxide, which help prevent heat transfer through the wall assembly.

Along with this enhanced performance, magnesium oxide is a non toxic, environmentally friendly product and is both moisture and mold resistant.

In today's regulatory and code driven construction environments, which continue to become more demanding of combustibility requirements in walls, roofs and floors, MagTech fire retardant plywood is sure to become a viable high performance alternative for specifiers, building code officials, and building owners.

In addition, based on structural load tests performed, it is determined that a thinner wood sheathing section with the high pressurized laminated MgO can be used in place of standard fire retardant thickness wood sheathing to save on weight and take greater advantage of usable surface area in a structure. MagTechTM products are a more efficient and superior performing choice for architects, engineers, contractors, specification writers, building code officials, and building owners.


MagTech has crafted both plywood and OSB that has incorporated the use of magnesium oxide which gives them the technology needed to withstand just about anything. MagTech's latest development, MagEX, offers high quality insulated exterior wall panel systems.

Recently, spray application of magnesium oxide to OSB has presented a practical answer to the shortcomings of spray-applied fire retardant chemicals. The same principles are applied to the MagEX product, which has revolutionized the structural system for building materials through the use of magnesium oxide.

MagTech MagEX incorporates the benefits of magnesium oxide through a technique that bonds to a rigid polystyrene foam in a thin structural panel. This is applied directly to the framing of the exterior sheathing and is sealed and finished with a water resistant coating system. By using this patent-pending method and coating system, MagEX creates exterior wall paneling that is resistant to fire, water, mold, termites, and impact.

MagTech MagEX technology boasts a core of fiberglass reinforced by a magnesium oxide cement board. After being fully tested to building code standards, MagEX has passed ratings for exterior sheathing in a 2-hour rated wall assembly as determined by ASTM E-119 (as well as ASTM E-86 and NFPA 285). As such, MagEX is a structural sheathing method used worldwide.

MagTech MagEX incorporates firm polystyrene to amplify R-value within the thin paneling. Due to the use of bonding with the magnesium oxide, MagEX is strength rated at R-12.25, non-combustible panel with greater physical properties to other wall panel systems, including EIFS. If MagEX were to be combined with MagKote, or other approved exterior finishes, MagEX would have an increased R-value of up to 16.5. These panels come in a convenient 4x8 ft or 4x9 ft size. The MagEX panels can even be specified to for factory installation onto prefabricated metal framing panels.

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We encourage questions about the many benefits of MagTech MagEX, all of which can be explained and demonstrated as needed. The Flameproof Companies manufacture and distribute these products throughout North America. Any questions and comments can be directed to them regarding the MagEX product. Reach out today!